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Yi Zhi Chan Tuina Therapy

From Master Xiao:
"Yi Zhi Chan Tuina is a massage therapy using a one finger pushing method to treat the disease as the primary means. It works on a small area to send strength deeply into the body. Yi Zhi Chan Tui Na (pushing method with thumb) is considered to have the action of "pushing the accupoint". The stimulation is moderate, so it can be used on all the accupoints."

"Yi Zhi Chan Tui Na is often used to treat: internal diseases, gynecological diseases, surgical disorders, pediatric disorders.

"It is also used as treatment for headaches, insomnia, facial paralysis, hypertension, gastric pain, abdominal pain, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, injury of tendon, and Bi syndrome due to wind-damp."


Dr. Xiao will be available in the Kansas City area from November 10-24, 2013. It is recommended to call early to assure an opening. 913-593-5888

Dr. Xiao will be seeing patients at Megan's Village Healing office. 8016 State Line Road, Suite 202 Leawood, KS. Watch for large sign
"State Line Executive Offices", pull into lot then turn right (north), drive
to the end of parking lot facing building 8016. Go upstairs and to the end
of the hallway to Suite 202 (Village Healing). MAP

TUINA Treatment
Types of TuIna (tui na):

tuina leg

•  Health Massage
•  Gong Fu Tuina (tui na)
•  Chinese Medicine Chiropractic
• Pelvic Correction
• Yi Zhi Chan Tuina
(one finger Kung Fu, spine treatment)

Using tuina, Dr. Xiao has healed many people who have been unable to find healing relief through Western medicine.

Tuina is a form of bodywork used to balance the body's energy.

tuina pull leg

Imbalanced energy can have many causes: fatigue, unhealthy lifestye, illness, aging, excess weight. Mental and emotional stress, for example can have immediate effects on our energy's smooth and uninhibited flow. This restricted flow leads to muscle tension, which further restricts both blood and energy flow.

Dr. Xiao's tuina uses deeply penetrating, strong techniques and manipulations to stimulate acupuncture points and clear meridians (energy channels) to achieve curative effects.

tuina to senior

Tuina promotes blood circulation, remove blood stasis, rectifies anatomical anomalies and adjusts the bio-information of the body.

Benefits from tuina are multifold. Free flowing circulatory systems can restore vitality and more effectively maintain our health. The muscles relax and chronic pain is eased.